Saturday, August 9, 2008

Glacier Gliding

Can you even comprehend doing that?
I did it today on Rae Glacier!
Elbow Lake was our first destination. Being only 1.5 km in at an elevation gain of 150 m, we came upon it in a very short time frame. It was definately a photo oppourtunity stop and drink stop. I get such fulfillment from a hike! There is something about it, that does something for me, that nothing else in my life could even come close to doing! For the reason that I can hardly ever find a friend to accompany me on adventures like these, I decided to join a local group that partakes in activities regularly. The main destination for today was Rae Glacier. There were 11 of us for this hike, three of us on our first outting with the group. Very shortly into the hike, I knew this was to be a great day. The pace was fine, and the folks were friendly. I belonged! After leaving Elbow Lake, we wound around the campsites and the lake to the other end and then started our trek upwards.

At times I found it grueling, but over the years I have done this enough to know that grueling equals amazing! It definately was that today! It was another 4 km and 400 m beyond the Lake to the Glacier. Our maximum elevation gain was approximately 550 m to a height of 2438 m.
At the base of the Glacier was a perfect place to set up to dine. The eleven of us spread out over the rocks, feeling the sun beat down, yet the coolness of the snow around us. It was serene and peaceful. Having set a good pace on the way up, that left us plenty of time to play after dining. Four of us did! Including me! You will notice the dots on the rocks in the above photo, those are my hiking buddies!
Imagine...the dog days of summer, +27 degrees, dressed in shorts and t-shirt, high in the mountains, so high the snow does not melt! We layed on our jackets, I on my rain cape, and went sliding down the side of the glacier! I call it "Glacier Gliding"! I did it four times! I experienced my third childhood! The second was a few years back at Disneyland.

Right now it's 10:15 pm! I've been home since 5:00 and I still feel high on life! It was a leap for me to go with strangers, a little beyond my comfort zone but I am so thankful I took that leap and I know I will leap many more times to come!


  1. OMG! That looks like so much fun =)

  2. That sounds great!! I'd do it in a second!...It looks so beautiful. That sounds like a great memory.

  3. I would love to find a group to go hiking with! Would you mind sharing some details on the group that you found? I think you have my e-mail address, so feel free to get in touch with me that way.

  4. I'll always remember that day as well. I particularly remember coming back into the city and the rover was just filled with rafts because it was so hot that day. We'll have to repeat this one... maybe on a different glacier for change in scenery though?


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