Thursday, August 28, 2008

11 Days to Play

Off to work while I play!
That's what I like to see, everyone else is heading off to work while I get to play!
Today's Run
my Canadian Tire route
out the door at 6:55 am
+7 Degrees Celcius
cool and clear
This morning's run confirmed to me that I do much better with the cooler temperatures then the hotter ones. I like running at this time of year because it is still warm enough for shorts and a short sleeve shirt but cool enough that you don't sweat or overheat. Although I hate to kiss summer goodbye, this morning's air truly made it feel like a beautiful crisp autumn day. This is the start of 11 play days for me! WooHoo! My goal is to put miles on my runners, mountains on my hikers, and paths on my bikers (well, it should be bike but bikers fits better)!

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