Sunday, August 17, 2008

When You Least Expect It

I didn't really expect anything great today!

Today’s Run

15 km
out and back to Edworthy
+17 to start +23 at finish

Taking into consideration yesterday’s hike, a lack of sleep, the hot temperatures, I was surprised and delighted with this mornings run. The rhythm came within 10 minutes of starting, the miles passed by quickly, I was finished before I knew it! Could hiking and biking be beneficial cross trainers? Not to get cocky, but this is giving me the confidence that I should be ready for a half marathon in three weeks.

Only one problem! Just when I have my toes looking respectable again, I have this to deal with! I got it hiking yesterday! Geesh! What the heck is that all about!


  1. Great run!! The picture from yesterday are as always stunning!! Too bad you got 'hike' rash... hope it's nothing serious! And very happy the toes are looking good again lol


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