Saturday, August 2, 2008

Matched the Orange Sunrise

That, I did this morning!
Today’s Run
at 5:45 am
out and back from home
sunny clear fresh
+8 degrees Celsius, no wind

Oh how I love my early morning runs! Their quality surpasses, by a landslide, those runs that take place late afternoon or early evening. They pass by quickly, this morning I realized I didn’t look at my watch until it was time to press the stop bottom once I reached home. The street lights are still flashing caution at intersections, so I don’t have to stop and wait for a green. I heeded my big sister’s advice! With what made the local paper recently, I paid a little more attention to my surroundings (not that I never did), instead of running along side the tall wooden fence, I veered to the right and dashed through the wide open field, and I listened to my heart beat and the swoosh of the grass instead!


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