Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Snagmore Loop & Tea Project February 4, 2020

I woke this morning with a desire to be "out & about" in a wintry white wonderland.  For a full meal deal experience like that it would mean a longer drive west which I was not in want off.   A little bit of homework later and I realized there was potential to find this west of Bragg Creek along the Snagmore Loop.  I went for it and found it!   There was no one at the parking lot but it was obvious others had been yesterday.
The trees were laden with yesterday's new snow!
I passed by the Sugar Momma turn off.
This is where I hang a right.  The climb was gradual and I was happy there was a climb, I needed it to keep me warm.  The morning was frigid and I was donned in loads of layers with my warmest mittens and hat.  The sun was shining through the trees and it created a pretty sight.
a snow cap
This is what I had a desire to be amongst!
Lots of the trail was in the trees with no views other than this.  
While I usually want views, I truly enjoyed this forest experience.  
It was peaceful and quiet, pure and perfect.  
I reached an opening with a log bench and a view.  This was the view far below along the Elbow River.  There was one vehicle down there and a fellow walking about.  I checked out the view for quite some time trying to figure out where was this and what was it?
an overall view 
I'm still on Snagmore, the diamond tells me so!
I could not resist being out in the snow when presented with this wide open meadow.
Just so happy to be high even if just a little high.
I reached a junction and checked the map to see where I should go next.  Then I could hear the groomers, there were two of them.  I realized the way I needed to go back to complete the loop was on the Elbow Trail which is only for X-C Skiing at this time of year.  I went for it following where the groomers were going but I stuck to the far side.
The groomers work.
I completed the loop and came back out to the last section of the trail that would lead me back to my car.  It was so pretty, the snow was still on the trees, there was blue in the sky and it had warmed up somewhat.  I lingered along here.
It was snack time when I arrived back at my car so drove across the 66 to savour my tea and snacks at  a picnic table at Allen Bill.  While sitting here enjoying the view, I thought about the load of fire wood in my basement ready for use.  To Do...have a winter fire at Bill Allen!

With a couple of spare hours late afternoon to fill, I worked on my latest project.  
It is finally beginning to look like the real thing. 


  1. Oh I am curious what the snowmobiles are using to groom!

    1. Sorry I am not much help with answering that! I should have paid more attention to what they were pulling.


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