Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Butcher Jones Tonto National Forest February 26, 2020

Ever since accidentally deleting my photos that I took while hiking the Butcher Jones Trail in Tonto National Forest back in December 2018, the thought of doing a re-do hike there remained on the back burner.  I was almost certain some day I would end up back down this way, and I could make that wrong a right.  The opportunity to do that came today!  That day back then when I hiked this trail was a special day and that was why it bothered me so that I only had memories in my mind.  I wanted more than that, something I could hold a little tighter.  Now I have memories in my mind and photographers to help keep the memories crisp and clear.  

I was first at the Butcher Jones Parking lot at Saguaro Lake and with it only being 32F may have been why.  It's the desert it will warm up soon and it did.  So shorts and long sleeve shirt were sufficient.  Saguaro Lake was beautiful, it was calm so I was afforded reflections.  I treasured the views and the peacefulness as I hiked this part of the Sonoran Desert.

It was not until I was enjoying snacks at Burro Cove, that other hikers came along.  This was the end of the trail so after investing some time here, I was ready for the return trip. By now there were numerous people that I met along the trail.  

I was back home around noon, in time to enjoy a big lunch and well deserved time under my sister's saguaro before heading out for an evening of entertainment.

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