Thursday, February 13, 2020

Emerald Lake Alluvial Fan X-C Ski February 13, 2020

When the opportunity to X-C Ski out in Yoho National Park at Emerald Lake was offered, I quickly jumped on board to partake.  I stayed there for three nights in early December but did not ski around Emerald Lake or the Alluvial Fan so today was the day to clip in and glide off into that winter-wonderland.  It was quiet, there was new snow, it was whiter than white, there was no wind, it was minus single digits, it was all those good things!

At the starting point, there are signs to show where skiers and snowshoers should go.  
We skied across Emerald Lake in the set track which was somewhat icy and wobbly.  At the junction for the Horse Trail, four of us opted to leave the Lake behind and ascend to the groomed track through the forest and glide along its little ups and downs to the far end of the Lake.  When we popped out of the forest the sky now had hints of blue and the pillowy meadows went on and on and on.
We took a few minutes at the next junction to delayer and to decide which direction we wanted to ski around the Alluvial Fan.  We were all in agreement to head in a counter clockwise direction. Once again there were signs showing where skiers and snowshoers should go.
Before heading off I secured my ski stop shot!
following my friends along the Alluvial Fan
view as we glided along
 We stopped to admire the peaks peeking through and the frozen blue waterfalls.
We completed the Alluvial Fan Loop and arrived back out at the head of Emerald Lake.  We took a lunch break here.  That is a bench to sit on.  The shovel remains here to shovel out a spot to sit.  Watch where you walk if you take your skis off, the snow is soooo deep!
After lunch we still had time on our side so we went for another smooth glide around the Alluvial Fan but this time in a close-wise direction.  The track was still as perfect, it was so peaceful and so quiet and so enjoyable.  We completed the loop again, ascended to the Horse Trail and glided along to the end and crossed Emerald Lake back to where we began our day.

The store was open but I did not go in! 
After dropping off my skis and changing out of my ski boots, I took a stroll to check out today's reflection.  By now it was overcast again with light flurries.  It remained on the warmer side so there was no need to be bundled up.
passing by the cabins on my way to the Lodge
Outside the Lodge!
Inside the Lodge!
We gathered around relaxing on the sofas with our beverages.  
We shared stories with each other about our experiences.  
The snowshoers and skiers all smiled wide as we always do after a day in our mountain playground.      

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