Monday, February 24, 2020

Fremont Saddle & Lone Tree Superstition Mountains Arizona February 24, 2020

It's time to brave up and hit the 60 in rush hour traffic to get to the Peralta Trailhead!  When I was in Arizona December of 2018, I avoided all major roadways to get to my destinations but this time around if I want to do what I want to do then I just have to do it, and I did it!  My big sister told me it would be an easy drive and it was.  Whew!  Then I had to conquer seven miles on Peralta Road which is a dirt road with several washes, four of which had been flooded from Saturday's rain.  I stuck to the sides where there was less water and braved through it.  Whew again!

The trail head parking lot for the Fremont Saddle or Bluff Springs hikes was quiet.  It felt cool and fresh, I was prepared for anything.  I geared up and hiked off. It felt great to be on the trail amongst the saguaros and reddish mountains in the Superstitious Wilderness.  It was a rough and rugged and rocky climb with many creek crossings.  Once again, water still remained from Saturday's rain dump.  

I made it to Fremont Saddle and there was my first view of Weavers Needle.  Back in December of 2018, I saw it from another direction but I was much further away.  This time it felt like I was up close and personal.  I noticed a tree, all alone, over at the end of a ridge and I assumed that was The Lone Tree I read about.  I found a trail heading that way and I went for it.  Twenty minutes later I arrived at The Tree and had an even more amazing view of Weavers Needle and the valley below.  I was all alone keeping the Lone Tree company while I enjoyed my lunch and the view.  

After about 45 minutes, I returned the way I came, stopped at the Saddle for another visit and chat with others.  By now there were many, many others.  I was glad I went for the early start.  Also it was hot now too, well by my standards it was.  Back at the car, I only had to get through those washes again, hit the 60 again, then home sweet home to relax with a beer and bar-b-que chips under my sister's saguaro.

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