Thursday, January 30, 2020

Powderface & Prairie Creeks January 30, 2020

Having the time to live a life full of variety, my focus has been everywhere this past while!  I do know though that I gotta get gain to stay in the game.  This has not been a priority nor my focus.  To fill a few open morning hours I hit the hills out in the Elbow Valley region.  My intention was to reach Powderface Pass so that's where I aimed.   

The trail was hard packed so spikes were all that was necessary.  
I like the look of the sky and how the hills were lit.  
 passing through the gate
Many trees had come down recently and thankfully they were cut and moved to the side.  The trail was covered in needles and tiny twigs and was not the prettiest looking place.  I got lost in my thoughts and just motored along until love grabbed my attention.  I call this a nest full of love!
 Further in it prettied up!
 the sun beginning to peak above the trees
I reached the junction, Powderface Pass straight or Prairie Link & Creek right?  
Oh I'm fickle!  Just like that I opted out of the Pass....  
....and went for the sharp right!
From then on I just went for the finish which was still another eight kilometers and half more of the gain.  Back into the forest, once again there were many trees recently chopped and moved off to the side.  Back into the forest, once again the trail was covered in needles and tiny twigs.  A long uphill section of Prairie Creek Trail was sheer ice so spikes were my savior.   I completed the loop!

Got my gain now on with the day!    

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