Friday, February 28, 2020

Saguaro Lake Cruise February 28, 2020

There was no racing out the door this morning for either of us to hit the links nor hit the trails. That meant I got to sip my morning brew while watching the sun rise.  

We had tickets to cruise on the Desert Belle on Saguaro Lake this afternoon but before hoping on board, we enjoyed a picnic lunch by the beach area at Saguaro Lake.  This is also where I parked when I hiked Butcher Jones on Wednesday.  This is a busy spot with kayakers and paddle boarders taking off from the shore  and with the hikers heading into the forest.  

For the cruise, we scored perfect seats on the upper deck where we had great unobstructed views.  Once we got away from the dock, the roof opened up and the views got greater. I enjoyed seeing the surroundings from this vantage point and I could even pick out the route I hiked.  The Saguaro Lake and land around it is quite a playground offering a variety of activities on the lake and off.

With the cruise complete, we headed home, where I sipped while sitting under my sister's saguaro.  I began the day watching the sun rise and ended it watching the sun set.

my sister spotted a young bald eagle, we noticed it had been tagged

view while we waited our turn to board the Desert Belle

 a family affair

Ship Rock

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