Thursday, November 7, 2019

West Bragg Creek Trails November 7, 2019

I like new and today would be new for me!  This was my first time ever in the West Bragg Creek area other than many many moons ago spending a Friday evening nearby downhill skiing then watching a Warren Miller Movie at the Wintergreen Ski Hill.   I was looking forward to what would transpire today and what sights I would see.  I am crazy about snow so this sight at the gigantic West Bragg Creek Parking Lot was appealing first because of all the snow and second because there were only a few others here.   
 We opted out of snowshoeing in favour of spiking instead.  
It was a beautiful winter wonderland with snow laden trees.
We had an intended big loop in mind to cover but experienced an ooops along the way and began to create a figure eight, double the pleasure two loops instead of one!  The climbing was gradual and I was happy about that.  I am working on getting my elevation heart and lungs back up to par.
break time along the way for a sip & snack
Like I mentioned above, I am crazy about snow!  
Some say I am in age denial!  
I say I am just loving life and living it!
The views open up and we can now see mountain peaks peeking out!
 venturing through and beyond
Noon time!  Dine time!  We found an open slope along Merlin and settled down.  Here you can see Moose Mountain which is now no longer a fire lookout seeing as they removed the lookout house this summer.   Maybe a new one will be built next summer!
 settled down in the sun and ready for tea
After lunch we continued on with our figure eight at times following The Great Trail.  The arrow is pointing west.  If you follow all the arrows for The Great Trail heading west, you will eventually arrive at where I was a couple of weeks ago and that is where the trail begins and ends on the west coast of Canada.
We saw many deer today, some were skittish and took off, others stared at us while we admired them.
We arrived back at the parking lot just in time to quickly gear down then hop on for our ride home. 


  1. Thanks for taking me along. Beautiful scenes. Strange weather here in Oz, some very heavy snowfalls in Tasmania and the Snowy Mts of Victoria. Very unusual. Sadly the rest of the country seems to be under catastrophic bushfire conditions.

    1. Helen - I saw on the news the terrible fire conditions there!

  2. Wow! You have lots of snow already!

    1. We received a few more inches last night and this morning on top of what was already there!


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