Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Nose Creek & Birth Forest & Geocache November 5, 2019

With a few hours to fill at my hands and the thoughts of geocaching rolling around in my head the past few weeks, it's about time to practice what I was reading.  Going for an easy level search in a place I am familiar with, was what I thought would give me a good chance at success.   The Nose Creek Pathway and the Birth Forest offer up simple straight forward paths and trails with a sense of peace & quiet.  The Birth Forest is always a pleasant place!

I strolled the lower trails that wind along the creek side and then veered off at the split rock. 
There was colour in the forest.
They treaded water in the same spot the entire time I watched them.
I believe they were watching me out of the corners of their eyes.
Those were a few of the sights I saw today when I carried on walking after my geocaching experience did not go as I hoped it would.  I picked a cache on my computer and got the details.  It's called "Party in the forest"! The directions showed it was very early on in amongst the trees in the Birth Forest and not that far from the parking lot. The ground was covered in snow and there had been loads of foot traffic in the direction I needed to go, I could also see bike tire tracks.  My initial thinking was this "Party in the forest" is a popular geocache location and with all this traffic in the snow, it will be easy to find.   Well, as I was apporaching where I calculated the cache to be, I saw two very very large shelters set up in amongst the trees that have been planted when babies were born,  with bikes at both.  What the heck, I was expecting a small box containing a cache.  But, it is called "Party in the forest" and maybe this cache is a party!  When there was rustling in one of the tents, I got out of there quickly. I felt uneasy and this was not a party I wanted to crash nor a cache I wanted to know anything more about!  

I use to frequent that Birth Forest but I think I will put some space and time between me and it.  
We will see what happens in June when the herd of goats come for their annual week of grazing.
As for geocaching, back to the drawing board!

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