Thursday, November 14, 2019

Paradise Creek Snowshoe November 14, 2019

🎼🎶🎵walking in a winter-wonderland🎵🎶🎼
FINALLY!  YES FINALLY!  I strapped on my snowshoes this morning and went walking in  a winter- wonderland for a glorious four hours!  Aaaahh!  It felt so good, it felt so right!  Heavenly!  Divine!  Sweet!  Aaaahh!   Lake Louise area was our destination specifically the Highline Trail, Paradise Creek, Moraine Lake Road, Tramline, Louise Creek,  Campground, Bow River, it was one of those one way specials.  

heading for the trail head 
We stopped at the first junction so "one" friend could show "another" friend our plan of attack.  
The "another" friend had never been in this area.
The sky was a somewhat dismal beige/gray yet visually it was quite bright thank you to all the new fallen white gold that ladened the tall trees.  I was surprised at the amount snow here already and seeing this confirmed I made the right choice in joining these friends on this trail today.
 another junction
We arrived at the bridge at Paradise Creek and it was obvious we would not be snowshoeing out on the creek today.  It's early season for that.  There was still open water. The sky remained that beige/gray dismal color.  We voted to enjoy our lunch on this side of the bridge.  After savouring my sandwich paired with a couple of cups of hot tea, I grabbed my camera and walked back over to the bridge.....
 .....and this is what I saw!
That beige/gray turned to blue/white!
We all stood on the bridge and watched the clouds lift to see this gift!  Give it time and one day down the road we will be back here and that is when it will be safe to carry on out into Paradise Valley.  
We packed up and continued with our snowshoe trek down Paradise Creek Trail towards Fairview then out onto Moraine Lake Road.  Oh the X-C Ski tracks looked lovely and for a couple of seconds I drifted off to being on my skis and gliding along.  Snap...back to reality!
 view along Moraine Lake Road
 a young family skiing up the track
 the higher section of Lower Tramline
 at the bridge where we now veer off onto Louise Creek Trail
 Not long from now those little  pimples in the snow will be big bumps.
With time on our side, instead of heading back to the Village, we took a detour through a section of the Lake Louise Campground.  The section was where I camped this past July.  For a couple of seconds I drifted off to being stretched out in my hammock beside my tent with a fire roaring.  Snap...back to reality!  We snowshoed beside the Bow River, crossed over the bridge, then it was time to aim for the Village to catch our ride back home.

🎼🎶🎵a beautiful sight I'm happy tonight🎵🎶🎼

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  1. Awesome snowy beauty. I always think of Banff area when I sing that song and w i s h !


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