Monday, November 25, 2019

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park November 25, 2019

It's a beautiful day outside the neighbourhood!

Like hundreds of thousands of others in the city, this morning we headed off to work!  But like a mere fraction of that number, the work we were heading to was to hike throughout Glenbow Ranch, breathing in the foothills fresh air, exercising our hearts our lungs and our opinions.  It looked like autumn but it felt like winter as the wind whipped up a chill.  We were ready and went for it!
The clouds were entertaining today.  

We entertained ourselves!  
There is always lots to chat about with my nearly neighbour.  With the views we had today and the peacefulness and prettiness of this place, we both agreed every outing does not have to be a mountainous experience.  Each time I explore this park, there is something new.  Like a picnic table here or there, or a new sign there or here.  This picnic spot was perfect yet we did not endulge as it was early on into our hike.
learning about the lay of the land 
tea time near the tracks
the scene while sipping
We completed the top of Yodel and the Scot Trail and then the full Bow River Loop.  Bow Bottom took us back to the last climb of the day.  I read where there were new panels posted and this is one of them.  I believe this is the first time here that I did not see a cow.
our 12 km route
While it looked like autumn here but felt like winter with the wind, it did look like winter out west.  The white gold on the way over the next couple of days will be beneficial in igniting the spirit of Christmas.  Afterall, today is the 25th! 

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