Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Nose Hill Autumn Delight November 6, 2019

red is the berry
and the snow is white
it's not even Christmas
but I feel merry & bright
I was home from this morning's appointment at 7:50am and back out the door at 8:10am, now all bundled up with camera in tow and not far to go.  I knew I needed to be at Nose Hill early while it was still frigid with a wind chill and some fluffy puffy clouds dancing about.
The equation added up correctly for a day of crystal clear that I love so dear!
Everything was covered in a heavy layer of hoar frost.  
I walked into a dream!
Is what it did seem!
Oh what a beauty you are!
With that crazy quick drop in temperatures over night, 
Canada Olympic Park got busy making snow to cover the downhill ski slopes.  
The snowflakes were so big and so defined and so perfect.  I picked up a bunch and shook them around on my glove.  Then admired them.  Right before my eyes was a heart shaped from a few flakes and on the right side of the heart was a crystal of snow shaped like a star and it sparkled in the sun.  I got goose bumps and not because it was so cold.  I don't purposely go looking for hearts, they just appear in one form or another and it has been happening lots lately.
Am I looking for love?

This was today's route.


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