Thursday, November 28, 2019

Rawson Lake & Area Snowshoe November 28, 2019

I wondered right up until the last minute would today happen!  Roads reported red & windchill showed double digits beginning with a 2.  We waited, we questioned, we put a call in, then a positive confirmation was made that we are going to Peter Lougheed Provincial Park to play.   We hit the highway and then veered off to where life begins, down Highway 40.  It was a slow go, our driver stated it was like driving on a sheet of ice.  As we drove that road, the sky cleared and the scenery became outstanding.  We made it to Elk Pass Parking Lot! Whew!  
A brave nine of us bundled up and we quickly strapped on our snowshoes.  It's on frigid days like this I am thankful for the type of snowshoes I have, there is no fussing with straps and they are secured in place in a matter of seconds.  We found our way along the connector from Elk Pass Parking Lot over to Upper Kananaskis Lake.  This is what we were presented with!
 following my friends
 view of Upper Kananaskis Lake as we circumnavigated it
We took the trail towards Rawson Lake and just made a business out of getting to the top.  This was one of the very very few times my down jacket remained on while ascending a trail.  I needed it!  We arrived at Rawson Lake to see it looking splendid with fresh snow and lots of it.
 my destination photo
 working up an appetite
Lunch was not long and we did not linger.  We had additional distance in another direction to cover once back down at Upper Kananaskis Lake so we got going and descended at a good clip.  In between clipping I was still snapping.  The views remained incredible.
 still following my friends
 we gathered here for a few minutes to admire the view before carrying on
 view as we snowshoed along the dam
At the edge of the dam we headed down a short steep hill towards the Everest Expedition Trail.  
We meandered through meadows, along paths, crossed roads.  
Hours had passed and the shadows were getting long. 
It was time to find our way back to where we strapped on our snowshoes at the start so we could unstrap them, stow them, then hop into our warm and cozy ride for home. 


  1. OMG, how can I not be green with envy, with sensational vistas like this! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Helen, While it was soooo cold, the views would warm your heart and soul!


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