Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Sulphur Mountain December 26, 2018

My motivation for gain has been lackluster since I got home from the desert a couple of weeks ago.  A swift kick to the rear was what I needed to get me out & about but it was no where to be found.  It was time to dig deep, offer up some self talk, get out there and just begin somewhere and somehow to get my rocky mountain legs back.  Elevation gain takes work and it was time to get back to work!    
Last night I layed out my warm attire, prepared a lunch, put gear by my front door and made a decision that I would go back to Banff and hike the switchbacks up Sulphur Mountain underneath the gondola and then take the gondola down for free after a summit visit.  When I woke this morning the weather in Calgary looked bleak and the road condtions report said they were not user friendly.  I began waffling on whether to even go.  I decided there would be no deja-vu and I was just going for it.  Last year I missed out on many opportunities to enjoy mountain experiences because I was nervous about driving the highway in winter conditions.   Once out of the city I was reassured I made the right decision to at least try.

I arrived in Banff and it was beautiful!
 The trail was hard packed the whole way.
 It snowed over night leaving a dusting of white gold on the trees.
I opted to opt out of snapping lots of photos in favour of getting lost in the beauty and in my thoughts and just make my way up along the switchbacks.  Every now and then I passed under the gondola route.  If these are first timers riding to the top, they are in for a dreamy delight.
I arrived at the top, removed my microspikes, put on two more layers of warmth then headed straight up to the observation deck, secured a seat by the fire and poured myself a spot of lemon tea.  While there were loads and loads of visitors they were staying inside or just popping their heads out long enough to snap a shot or two.
 After lunch I admired the Christmas decorations inside.
I jumped into the gondola and enjoyed the free ride down.  
I was pleased with how today turned out and happy that I went for it.
It feels good to get that rocky mountain elevation gain back!


  1. Awesome. So surprised to read that you had to push yourself out the door.
    The top of the Gondola is looking fantastic after its makeover, seen courtesy of Leslie. Happy New Year!

  2. I have enjoyed my trips up there since the improvements. It looks so pretty inside this Christmas.


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