Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Chandler Arizona Snowbird Test - Butcher Jones Trail at Saguaro LakeDec 4, 2018

When I was googling to see if kayaking was even possible in the desert, I came about some photos of Saguaro Lake.  It looked beautiful.  The idea of there being a big beautiful lake in the middle of the desert intrigued me.  Actually there are a few, they are man-made.  I also found there is a nice hike here called the Butcher Jones Trail.  Perfect, that's the plan for today, to hike that trail.
The view of the lake right from the parking lot was pretty, heck even the parking lot area was pretty.  While we are on the verge of winter, autumn is still glowing here with lots of gold and some orange.  It was calm so gorgeous reflections were presented.
It's called Saguaro Lake for a reason.  As I hiked around the Lake and began the gentle climb, saguaros were in great abundance.  They made for nice photo framing opportunities.

Today was to be special for me, my brother would have turned 62.  I thought about him lots and made an extra effort to appreciate this day.  I framed some special moments and captured them in photos.  Unfortunately, when I was importing the photos I accidentally hit delete so they were deleted from the card before making it to my iPad.    I have wonderful memories in my mind of today and like my sister says, your memories cannot be deleted.  

For whatever reason eight photos stayed on my card, they were the first few I took which some are above and the last photo I took.  Nearing the end of the hike as I passed through the forest the lighting was so pretty given the time of day.  I felt embraced by a warm canopy.  I stopped for a few seconds and admired the sight and let the embrace take hold!  It felt comforting!

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