Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Chandler Arizona Snowbird Test - San Tan & Goldmine Trails at San TanMountain Park Dec 11, 2018

In conversations with hikers I have been meeting along the trails I have been learning about additional parks & preserves where I could experience what I came here to experience.  San Tan Mountain Regional Park was one of those places so that is where I ventured to today.  Here I could reach a high point with vast views and also hike amongst the cactus along sandy desert winding trails.

I paid the dues then hit the San Tan Trail which was the beginning of a gigantic loop.  It was early, overcast, cool, quiet and I settled right in as I most certainly have my desert legs now.  I could see I would be sharing a portion of the day with mountain bikers.


In one direction it looked dark and dismal, in the desert that created a dramatic scene.  I hoped that would stay over there and I was glad I was not heading in that direction.

Continuing along, it continued to be pretty and then even got prettier.  Every now and then there would be a memory bench to sit for a spell.   I took advantage of those for my snack breaks.

The San Tan Trail went on and on with many opportunities to veer off and head back to the Visitor Centre.  I could see the hills and mountains ahead and assumed that was where I would arrive to then begin the climb. Along the way I still admired all the scenery especially the saguaros.

I reached the end of the San Tan Trail and began the climb up the Goldmine Trail.  It was gentle at first then got a little rough and rugged.

I made it to the top.  As I was approaching the summit a small group was packing up to begin their descent.  I stuck around awhile up here and just savoured some snacks and the scenery.
The views from up here were incredible.  There is history that goes with this Goldmine Mountain. I opted to admire it for its golden colours and golden views.  
After investing a good amount of time, I began the descent.  At the bottom I continued along the Goldmine Trail back to the Visitor Centre.  I kept looking back just because it looked so darn pretty.

I arrived back at the trail head feeling very pleased and content.  I was happy to receive the advice to give this place a go.  Other places were suggested too and I will give those a try.  Beauty surrounds us in this desert!

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