Monday, December 3, 2018

Chandler Arizona Snowbird Test - Pass Mountain Trail Dec 3, 2018

I can go whenever I want so why not go now!  At times I still have to wrap my head around the fact that my time is all mine to do as I wish.  I wish to fly off to Arizona to hike, to sight-see, to take photos and spend time with my sister.  I am calling this trip my Snowbird Test.  I wonder, how long do you have to be away south to be considered a Snowbird?  

                                                    I love desert hiking!
                 Today I did the Loop around Pass Mountain.  
This was my first time for seeing a saguaro cactus.  I was in awe of their size and at first each one stopped me in my tracks.  That meant, what a slow go of it, there was cactus after cactus after cactus.  Some self talk took place, then I zipped my camera case for awhile and put some distance on my boots.  

Then the clouds began to show off and I was distracted by them.  Here a picture, there a picture, every where a picture picture!  That meant, what a slow go of it, the cloud formations were outstanding.
This trail was colourful.  I can only imagine what this place must look like during wildflower season in the spring.  Who knows maybe I will find out!  



I reached the Saddle and the Viewpoint which marks the halfway  point, and this was a great place to call my lunch spot.  The Viewpoint  gave a view of the valleys below, I did not know which way was which or what community I saw below.  I was more interested in the cactus and clouds.

She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes!  With lunch now under my belt, the trail continued to carry on around the backside of Pass Mountain then wound its way back to the front.


By now it was hot, for me anyway.  Others were in wool hats, jackets, gloves, ear muffs, heavy pants and even down jackets.  I guess they are not true snowbirds.  
Now it was just an easy winding down back to the trail head.  
This was such an enjoyable fulfilling day.  The scenery was incredible, the weather ideal and I did get to meet some real snowbirds.  I had loads of questions for them and they were convincing that they live quite a life here!  I have only been here 24 hours and it has been quite something already! 

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