Sunday, December 23, 2018

Minniwanka & Vermilion Lakes Banff December 23, 2018

I went to bed last night feeling a strong desire to be hugged by wintry rocky mountain scenery.  I like wandering along the shore of Lake Minniwanka in Banff National Park at this time of year so I picked that as my destination to bring my desire to fruition.          
With sunrise being so late right now, I did not have to leave the city early to catch it.  But, I did anyway!  I arrived at the Lake Minniwanka parking lot to see no other vehicles.  It was bitterly cold, and the sun had not come up yet.  I layered up and aimed for the shore.  It was incredibly peaceful and oh so beautiful.  The only sound I heard was the ice movement and water gurgling.  The lake was not fully frozen and not safe to venture onto.  Conditions were perfect for the symphony.  I threw a rock and it slide far across the smooth ice putting on quite a performance.   Have you heard that kind of music before?  It is amazing to hear! 
 The views offered an odd coloring which I did not know how to capture but I tried my best.     
 in the still of the morning
There was still no one to be seen.  I stayed well aware of my surroundings and made noise.  I did not have my bear spray with me.  There were areas where I could get safely down to the edge of the lake.    Maybe in a couple of weeks this area will be more winter-like.  The sky was beginning to get bright and created a beautiful glow.
glowing and reflecting

 golden moments
With the sun up and a blue sky with some of those puffy pretty clouds, the scenery looked different. By now I could see a few other people beginning to meander along the lake shore.  No where along the  whole length that I strolled was the lake safe to go on.
I should have brought some Christmas decorations to dress up this tree!
Now almost back at the beginning I was seeing things I did not see earlier before the sun came up.  
It was time to depart Lake Minniwanka and drive over to Vermilion Lakes to see what they were offering today.  I have seen this Lake under many conditions but never have I seen it looking this pretty.  Back in November I saw people skating on the lake.  Today, no way!  This was not the wintry scene I was expecting here.  
 open water
 This view boggled my mind!  
After all the time spent at Lake Minniwanka and Vermilion Lakes,  I feel so loved.
I received so much more hugging than I anticipated I would.   

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