Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Chandler Arizona Snowbird Test - Flatiron at Superstition Mountains Dec5, 2018

Flatiron in the Superstition Mountains was on the very top of my list of hikes I wished to accomplish while I am here.  I  wanted to get my desert legs and get use to the weather before attacking it and today I was ready to go.
I got to the Siphon Draw parking lot early because I read and was told get an early start. I chatted with a couple who were starting out at the same time as me and then let them go as I stopped for photo opportunities.  Even at 8:00am it was desert warm and I was in shorts and down to a short sleeve shirt. 
Very soon I could see my destination. It's that flat edge at the right of the blue sky circle.  That is Flatiron and the only thing flat except for the first kilometre or so.
I enjoyed the stroll where there was a detour through the Campground leading to the main trail.  

At this point the strolling was over and it was go time, big time, up time, slow time.  The trail takes you up into Siphon Draw.  There was route finding involved, very easy short scrambling sections, and some sweet sticky slick rock.  I worked my way up through for a bit and then it got confusing.  I back tracked, went forward again, back tracked, I could not figure out or find a good way to go.  At this point I was OK with saying I would go no further.  Then the couple who started with me and then I passed came up to where I was.  I asked to join them and we worked as a trio to find a way. This was the first time here for the three of us.


It was at this point I joined up with the couple (Don & Christina from Washington).

We climbed, and climbed and the views became breathtaking.  It was slow going as we searched for the way. We did follow the arrows, the x's, the white and blue dots when we could find them.  It was a very long time spent scrambling, more than I have ever done, but I was enjoying it and was happy to be with others.
We reached the saddle and I was ecstatic.  There was lots of WOW's and quiet seconds taking it all in. I captured a shot here but I wanted to go over to the edge of the Flatiron.  I went on my own, eating my sandwich as I went, while they settled down at the saddle for a snack.

This is my summit shot as is the first photo at the top.  I was high on life right here and right now. I did not stay long as I was to join the others to descend together.  
Looking back at the Flatiron and the trail leading to it.
Back at the saddle a hiking club came along. They were fine with us joining them for the descent. There were experienced snowbirds and locals who frequent this trail.  They knew all the ins and outs.  I stuck close sandwiched in between and was good for the most part but preferred them to watch over me in a couple of sections.  
The tough stuff is over and I felt the need to celebrate that.  That's the Flatiron at top middle.
It was straight forward from here on in and I was OK on my own. They waited as others in their group were still well back.  I wanted to get going because I did not want to drive in the dark.  I looked back at where I was where that orange dot is and I smiled wide. 
I made it back to the stroll section but I did not stroll.  I motored on to my car then motored on home.  
Today transpired into a day that far exceeded my expectations in every way.  Between the weather, the scenery, the people, I would not have asked for it to be any other way.  It was reinforced for me today to not sweet the small stuff.   I learned the lady who was assisting me on the way down in the sketchy sections has two artificial hips, two knee replacements, and is a breast cancer survivor but not out of the woods quite yet.   I know why everything played out the way it did today and I am grateful for that.  I am so so over accidentally deleting my photos yesterday!  Thank you for today!


  1. Sensational! Stupendous! Sublime!........ Triumphant!

  2. Beautiful trip...Happy to have your company. Thanks


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