Saturday, April 4, 2009

Surpassing Goals

A goal is a goal is a goal! Passing a goal whether big or small, by a little or by a lot is "A-One" in my books! I rate me "A-One" on this morning's run!

I planned to hit the path by 7:30 am, when I hit the start button on my 305 it said 7:21 am! I was surprised at the number of people out running at that hour of a Saturday morning this time of year. But then again, this time of year is when lots of folks are running long runs as marathon dates are approaching.

I planned to run 29km, when I hit the stop button on my 305 it said 30.01! I was surprised how quick the 30km had passed and how good I felt. At the 25km distance, I saw Runner Leana running with her friend. She was doing an easy 14km today, saving herself for tomorrow's IceBreaker 10km. I misjudged how far out I was when I turned to come back and left myself 2km from the end so ran the extra one and then walked out the last one. When I got to my car, my recovery drink of banana, milk and yogurt was waiting for me. I downed it, drove home, now I'm ready to have lunch and then visit my sofa for a couple of hours!

This is "A-One" for me:
Distance 30km, Time 3:16:39, Pace 6:33 min/km


  1. aweome job on the long run Andra!!! GREAT pace on the 30K! =)

  2. Congratulations on your long run! It was great to see you out there. You were looking so strong, I never would have guessed you were 25K in!

  3. Great job! You are going to do so great in your marathon!

  4. Well done! Sounds like a great run. All the work is paying off! R x

  5. Sounds like a great run! Anything over 21km sounds super long to me - I'm impressed!


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