Friday, April 24, 2009

Pre Police Half

Have Bib Will Run!
I'm ready for Sunday! I'm always excited to see what the shirt looks like so picked up my pack as soon as pick-up opened. I really like the shirt and it fits this time around. No chip but something called a D-Tag which I am glad they included "attach to sneaker" directions. It's that orange strip stuck to my bib.

So far, Sunday's forecast is snow/rain/2 degrees for a high! If this stays true then it will be a light pants, long sleeve shirt, hat with a brim, kind of day. If it doesn't warm up, we could be in for icy patches too. Three of the four months of training this year have been in snow and on ice with lots of cold so I am almost a pro for attacking this Sunday's type of forecasted conditions! Heck, I remember last year on the tree-sheltered downhill icy section where the police bike patrol were patrolling, a few of us veered off the ice into the edge of the bushes until we passed that part. With all my bushwhacking experience snowshoeing, I could possibly make up time here if the same situation presents itself this year!

My main goal as always is to finish upright and healthy with a smile on my face and my secondary goal is to do better than last year's time of 2:15:50.

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