Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Paths and Trails

The end of April is so close I can almost taste it but you would never know by what I had to wear running along the path today. Pants, long sleeve shirt and gloves and I was still chilly! I wore my Police Half Marathon shirt and I felt as strong as I did the day I ran that race! I like that my pace is gradually improving. Today it was 6:05 min/km over 6.29 km in a time of 38:17. I paid for my second month of gym membership yesterday. I already know I want my last run before the big one to be May 28th and then it will be good-bye gym, good-bye paths...

...hello trails! Another adventurous plan is coming to fruition! We have reached a point in time where we are able to start getting all the ducks in a row. This picture is called Iceberg Cirque and the one in my countdown clock is called The Garden Wall! Beautiful hey! We are lining up all the ducks with the help of "Adventure Designer" for five days of hiking in Glacier National Park in Montana! I can hardly wait but it's too early to start counting sleeps yet!

P.S. I don't really mean good-bye paths, I can't give up running!

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