Sunday, April 5, 2009

Back to the Backside of Blueberry

For me the most exciting thing that happened today was to see this lynx off on the side of the road. The photo was taken from the vehicle by J in the front seat using S's camera. I usually keep my camera with me but today packed it in the truck. This was today's topper along with the fantastic weather and the main destination.Just what my legs needed today, an easier, shorter snowshoe to stretch out my muscles! A small portion of this trek was a repeat of one I did back in February. I was back at Blueberry Hill but this time not only did we bushwhack down, we partially bushwhacked up too! The destination was the picnic table on the mountain top. That's where I am in this photo with the Upper Kananaskis Lake behind me. Here's a full photo from the picnic table. No gloves, no jacket, no hat and loving it! Only one shirt too!
Along the way, we saw where an avalanche had occurred earlier! I like the distance between us!
The sun shone for the whole four hours we were out there covering just over 7kms. Here we are, four of us admiring the lonely little tree. We were wondering how little it actually was when you take into consideration the snow depth.
It was a fun light easy day, just what I needed after Saturday's long long long run. It's back to reality tomorrow only to dream of what's next and wish for the work week to fly by! I had a great weekend, I felt like I was "on top of the world" with my run and my snowshoe!

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  1. Oh my! Good thing you were in the car while seeing the lynx!! Sounds like a fun snowshoe trip. We have no more snow here, I didn't even have a chance to try mine since I bought them!


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