Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lead Foot

There was no quality to be found anywhere in today's run! I hate when that happens, especially so close to race day. Lead foot usually refers to someone who is going fast, when they are driving, I felt like I had a lead foot when I was running and it didn't make me go fast. I was dragging my feet, dragging my butt, huffing and puffing, sweating, hunching over. I could not keep an even pace, heck I had to walk a few times for a few seconds. On the run back to my gym, I usually try and pace it so that I hit green lights, today I tried my best to hit red lights so I could just stop and stand and not move. I wanted this one over with and to wipe it from the record books but when I looked at what my 305 recorded, I will add it to my record book!

Time: 39:50 Distance: 6.2km Pace: 6:24 min/km

It doesn't look that bad compared to my other runs but, geesh, it felt the pitts!


  1. Actually I think that is perfect this close to race day. I predict a personal best!

  2. Alexandra, maybe it is a good thing to get a bad day out of the way before the big day. And of course you are in the midst of a training cycle, legs probably a bit beaten up; you will feel much stronger on the day of the race, with a bit of a taper!


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