Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday? NO! Great Friday!

Taylor Lake is my last snowshoe of the season! Springtime snow can make for quite the challenge with its stickiness, heavy feeling, and sinking feeling. Spring was noticeable everywhere today: long shadows, creeks appearing through the disappearing snow, dust and needles covering the top layer of snow, melting snow giving way to hanging icicles and my most favourite springtime sign of all, a large, low, full, sun in a clear blue sky, giving off heat! The trail was a gradual continuous climb up through a tall forest! We started out with our snowshoes on our back as the trail seemed hard packed at first but as we ascended and the sun warmed the snow, we quickly experienced that sinking condition where one foot would break through and then sink to your knee, your lower thigh then sink to your upper thigh! It was time for snowshoes! Even then the sinking still happened! Not as frequent though! This was a challenge and it took awhile to reach the top. My breakfast and my drive up snack had warn off and I realized I was becoming delirious when I was imagining things, like this animal in the forest!
My 60CSX told me we didn't have much further to go! When we reached this flat area, I sensed there was something spectacular on the other side of those trees.
I was not disappointed! There is was, Taylor Lake nestled in the base of the beautiful Rockies! When I saw this scene, I knew this would be a place I would want to come back to in the summer. We set up our dining area facing east and had some fun time and sun time.
The trip down was quick for some who just went ahead and a few of us lingered back, taking photos, chatting, not wanting today to end. We covered just over 13km in about five and a half hours with a significant elevation gain of approximately 570 meters.

My snowshoes, my Pelican Snow-Flite and heavy boots are now in the basement until maybe November or December. It was a wonderful winter filled with tonnes of tremendous times and lots of laughs and meeting fun folks.

Today was a fine way to turn "Good Friday" into "Great Friday"!


  1. The weather was great yesterday, so no doubt it was fantastic out there!! Last snowshoe of the season? Really? Bring on the hiking then!

  2. Terrific grand finale to the snow-trekking season! Great photos as always.


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