Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm So Excited....Update!!!

Cancelled! I am so bummed! I was feeling off as the day went on yesterday. I went into work this morning and went downhill as the morning went on. I made it until lunch time. Now it's time for neo citran and sleep! :-(
...I just can't hide it, I'm about to loose control...and I can hardly wait! I can hardly wait for Saturday's first snowshoe of the season! Nothing like wishing your life away, but it's only work days I'm wishing away! We are planning on doing Ptarmagin Cirque which is along the Highwood Pass. I have never snowshoed here before but have hiked close by and also did a motorcycle trip in this area (my blog post of June 29th called Freedom Ride). The Highwood Pass closes to traffic each year on December 1st because the area gets so much snow it is not feasible to maintain. So Saturday is a do or die situation! I better get down to the basement and find my snowshoes and boots. I also have to replace my hiking pole bottoms with baskets. Gotta find those baskets too. On my way down to the basement, I guess I will bring my bike with me, looks like that's it for biking for this season! Let's all keep our fingers crossed that it is cold this week so the snow doesn't melt and could we be lucky enough to get some new snow before Saturday!


  1. You should also be excited as your team won.... and mine lost =( Oh well it's just a game...

    Snowshoeing is so fun!

  2. Have a great hike. That sounds like it will be awesome. I am so jealous.

  3. Sounds awesome, Alexa! You've got me all psyched to get the show shoes!

  4. Wasn't that a wild game? Go Stamps Go!!

    I loved your last post, I remember that we were only allowed certain sports in school, because we were female. Well, I say "balls to that", I rode horses, ran and I've never looked back!!

    Enjoy your snowshoe hike! Sounds wonderful, take lots of pictures!!

  5. Can't wait to hear all about this adventure!!!!
    And I do hope you will take some photos!

  6. Have a great snowshoeing outing!

    By the way, yes, that was probably me at Bankers Hall on Monday! I'm sorry that I didn't see you and say hello. Also, thanks for the comments on the new blog design. My friend also commented that I must have picked that template because it matched my bike!

  7. That looks fantastic! I look forward to reading more of your blog. I enjoy outdoors myself. :)

  8. Oh I've never snow shoed..but I really want to and we have a trail by our house now!! So I think maybe I should put those on my christmas list!


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