Sunday, November 9, 2008

Really Close-By Escape

We are so lucky here in Calgary to have Nose Hill Park! It's an environmentally protected area in the middle of the city, only 8 minutes from my home. We spent two hours trying to cover as much of this 11 square kilometer area as we could. As we started out, our vista was the mountains to the west! They seem so close but yet are so far!Our urban hike took us through gullies and ravines where we happened upon this! The path along here was quite slippery, as you can see, plenty of snow.

It turned out to be a good work out on the legs! We had to come out of the ravines and that was when I could feel it in my calfs. It was a couple of hours of up and down and around and over and up again and down again, all the time going at a quick clip.

It's great to be in the middle of the city and experience such a wilderness. Today was my really close-by escape!


  1. Nice Hike!
    Do you X-country Ski or snowshoe in the winter? It looks like your location is prime!

  2. Is that really in the middle of your city? Wow! It's gorgeous!

  3. Calgary is such a cool place. I'm also impressed that city planner had the foresight to create this amazing oasis in the heart of city. It's truly beautiful.

    Those old logs piled high look like something my kids would create. We visited a place called Miller Point Peace Park, just outside of Bridgewater yesterday...and the boys' old fort was still standing. It looks just like that.

    I know you don't mind the snow but would you believe it was 18 here yesterday?

  4. It looks amazing. The more I read your blog the more I want to visit Calgary. Great pictures too. Thanks x

  5. What a beautiful city and surrounding area to hike, explore and enjoy. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your experience.


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