Sunday, June 29, 2008

Freedom Ride

Today's ride took us along
secondary highways, long and winding roads,
the Trans Canada, passes and village streets
approximately 500km
8 hours 30 minutes
+23 degrees to start, +31 degrees at finish
(good thing for this kind of ride you don’t add 10 degrees
to the current temperature like you do for running)

If you’ve read previous posts, you will agree that today’s ride brings a whole new meaning for me to the term "biker babe"! Today I was the "biker babe on the back"!

I couldn’t have hoped for anything more to make today’s adventure any more amazing then it was. My friend J made sure of that. I got to be the biker babe on the back of his brand new Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Classic. With his knowledge and experience, I felt this was a safe place to go. J mapped out a route that would take us all over creation, where it can only be confirmed we live in a beautiful part of the country. His plan of attack included a belly, bulging, brunch and several, scenic, stop, spots.

Part of feeling a belonging to this biker community is to acknowledge fellow bikers by correctly gesturing with the biker wave. This wave is a tad bit different than the runner wave, so I needed a lesson, then gave a few practice rounds and finally I got it down pact.

I have hiked up mountains, snowshoed to the top of some but seeing them from the back of a motorcycle opened my senses to something new. It was a much more enjoyable experience then sitting behind the glass windows of an automobile. The mountains and rivers felt that much closer, the air that much more fragrant. It brought a sense of freedom for the soul and a feeling of vulnerability to our surroundings.

The higher we went the cooler it got (cooler being a relative term) only to see snow still on tops and in crevasses. It’s not that new, white glistening snow, but never-the-less, snow. The air did bring a refreshing break.

If I had to pick a high lite, it would be the Highwood Pass. This is the highest point in Canada at 7239 feet/2206 meters, that can be reached by a paved road. I was already on a natural high! Could I get any higher? I tried!

Thank you for today's adventure and for sharing a passion of yours with me!


  1. Awesome!!! Yes, I know your door is always open, I haven't forgotten!!!

    Dad's cookies ARE the best...I've also shared that recipe with my cousin and she in turn with her daughter....he would be proud!!

    Please do send some heat my way! I just got over being grumpy!....

  2. Looks amazing.

    i think I need that cookie recipe!

  3. I don't understand the cookie comment.

  4. Who is the East Coast cookie commet confusee??

    It's a maze! Here we go! "Marion" posted a post on her blog "Lake of Shining Waters" and refered to her Dad's cookie recipe (which I have a copy of and have baked many many times). I posted a comment referring to the cookies on her post and she replied by posting a comment on my post "Freedom Ride"! The "Rachel" in Glasgow Scotland read my post and posted a comment! There you go! Hopefully the confussee is no longer confused or possibly could be even more confused! Anyway, they are great cookies!


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