Monday, November 10, 2008

A Sunrise Run...

...without a sunrise! My day started with a run instead of a shower! No work for me today! Just play! I timed it so I was heading out the door on the verge of sunrise but there turned out being layers of low lying frosty fog filling the sky! It's time to start paying attention to the windchill factor report! Even though I was in pants, gloves, long sleeve shirt and jacket I still felt chilled. My attire was the lighter version more for a cooler summer morning instead of a cooler fall morning and there is a difference. I had a good run at a steady quick pace. Now it's shower time! Ms M is coming for lunch and we plan to carry on with our crib tournament.


  1. A day off and you're playing crib? That's cool.

    My rule of thumb is shorts and light shirt unless it's below 4C. Then, I switch to pants and maybe a long sleeve until -5. Then I wear a light jacket, gloves, toque etc. :@)

  2. Figuring out what to wear this time of year is so hard. Sounds like a great, if chilly, run. Have a great day.

  3. It is cooling off, eh? I hope you had a great day off! Love the new look of your blog!


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