Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Game With Photos

I don't want to be left out, so I'm playing along with all the others! The game is to pick the fourth photo out of the fourth folder on your hard drive! Post the photo and then tell a little story about it. Here goes: My fourth folder is called "Miscellaneous" and contains exactly that, a bunch of odds and sods!

This picture was taken on January 21st, 2006 along the Smith Dorien Highway driving home after a day of snowshoeing at Chester Lake. Just before seeing the Mother Moose and her Little One, I remember saying "we haven't seen any wildlife today!" We rounded the corner and there they were, what a sight! The Mother Moose was collared. I remembered seeing a collared pregnant moose the previous year and I bet any money this was her and her baby!

If you are checking out my blog and read this, then why don't you play along too! It's fun!


  1. Fun games, I will play along tomorrow. I love the pic!! I am amaze that you saw them, they look so close by!!

  2. Hmm, everyone else's 4x4 photos are so much more interesting than mine was! Definitely no moose in my photo!

  3. Nice picture! those are amazing animals!

  4. I love the wildlife pics; a 'baby' moose, quite rare I'm sure. There are some interesting ones on my other computer, I will check tomorrow!

  5. I love this photo game!! Thanks for stopping by, I'm pretty sure I have to go buy that Nike pack now!


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