Saturday, November 29, 2008

Heart's In It...Body Isn't

I would rather be out there where the sun is shining bright this morning but I feel like I've been pulled through a rat hole and pushed back out again! Back in October, a post entitled Running Transcends told how running crosses over into the creative side of me. I shared some scrapbooking pages and mentioned I wrote some poems and may share a poem one day! Well, today's the day! Today my heart's in it...but my body isn't!

Best Kind of Coffee

Sixty minutes and ten kilometers are done,
Running with friends is always so much fun!
It’s time to relax take a load of our feet,
Muffin and coffee we’ll have that deserved treat!
Second Cup, Good Earth a café on some street,
Banff, Calgary, Canmore neat places to meet!
Fashion or politics what’s making the news,
We share our varying opinions and views!
Our ears our hearts with support each of us lends,
Nothing beats running and coffee with great friends!


  1. Cool! I wish I was as artisy as some of you in blog land.

    Not sure what this expression means: "I've been pulled through a rat hole and pushed back out again"

    Probably sick and not feeling good?? If that so, I wish a quick recovery.

  2. Thanks Sonia! That's exactly what that expression means!

  3. Hi Alexandra,
    Thanks for your comments on my blog. I am feeling like you at the a blast of the Flu so no running for me this weekend either:-(

    Enjoyed your poem. One of the things I miss when I'm not running is enjoying the 'treats' after!


  4. I love it!!!
    I still have some poems I wrote in High School, not quite so creative...need I say more...LOL

  5. I second the coffee and good friends!

  6. I hope you feel better, Alexandra - enjoyed your poem!


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