Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Run Canada Run!

Thank you Canada for inviting us to your party! What a unique way to celebrate your birthday by running a 10km race with 400+ invitees. Myself, having a summer birthday, I know you always take a chance having an outside party. No worries today, we celebrated in sun! You picked an appropriate place for us all to hang out, Fort Calgary. The Fort originally built in 1875 holds a wealth of history, as you do.

My friend J Mo and I did the usual pre-race routine of potty, pictures and promos before congregating to sing "Oh Canada" a few minutes before the gun was to go off.

A few Olympic Athletes ran with us. They stood out in their tan/red colored shirts, us in our grey/red. How clever to have our race numbers printed directly onto our shirts. A sea of grey/red filled the pathway. Being an out and back course, I got to see the leaders well before I even reached the halfway turn-around mark. Well, I did see the leader, I missed the guy on his tail because I blinked!

Our Olympic Athletes were out of their environment at the finish. Instead of being on the receiving end of medals, they surrounded the finish line to present us party goers with our well deserved finishers medals.

J Mo and I met at the finish line and then did the post-race routine of food, fotos and fraternizing. Muffins, drinks, apples, bananas were not enough so we lined up for sausages and pancakes too. Ms Volunteer M joined us in line while on her break.

Happy Birthday Canada, we declared, as we departed beaming brightly with our medals around our necks!


  1. Those were some pretty funky toenails! Glad you enjoyed the race. =)

  2. Love the shirt, love the toes! I was sad I wasn't in town for the race this year as I really want to run this one again. Unfortunately they didn't have a race in Kelowna :(


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