Sunday, July 27, 2008

That’s My Prerogative

I wasn’t going to!
I had no one to stop me!
I couldn’t help myself!
So I just did it!
I changed my mind!
I ran!
So much for a two week rest!

Today’s Run

My favourite Canadian Tire route was my destination! I wanted to run in the rain but it stopped as I walked out the door at 5:55 am. The air felt crispy and fresh. The peaking sun was crimson orange. The only sounds were of the odd car, plenty of chirping birds, the slight impact of my soles on the pavement and my steady quiet breaths! This run was a joy! I like em like that! Now I look forward to the whole day ahead of me to share with my friends.

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  1. And why not run! As you will see I have been having the opp problem!!

    Had limited wi fi access but will report on my medals when I get home!!



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