Sunday, July 20, 2008

Meaning of Medals!

What do your medals mean to you?

These are mine!

My medals are draped over the hooks of a coat tree that sits in a spare bedroom. The tree stands along side finishers plaques on my wall and a book shelf of running books, pictures, bibs and journals. This is my own little shrine!

I pass by this room numerous times a day and more often then not, the shiny medals and colorful ribbons catch my eye. The majority of the time, that is all they do, catch my eye. But the odd time I pay my medals a visit. The ones I have collected over eight years of running range from finishers medals from marathons, half marathons, 10kms, trail runs and in amongst them you will find a 2nd place medal for my age category in a St. Patrick’s Day Race.

Each medal tells a story and each race has its own sense of being special. Some of the medals came easier then others but I feel each is well deserved because of the honest effort put forth to achieve. At times they are my inspiration and motivation. They remind me of my accomplishments. I believe they show fortitude, depth and strength both physically and mentally.

For me my medals stand for so much more than just a reward for crossing the finish line of a race! What do your medals mean to you? Do they hold significance? Are they proudly displayed, maybe on a wall or framed behind glass? Or do you tuck yours away in a drawer, out of sight out of mind, never to be seen again? Do you have your times engraved on the back? I wonder, do Triathletes receive finishers medals?

I’m always curious to know what others say their medals mean to them! So, now I turn this over to you! Runner Leana Solo Running Chick Running Potter-Running Kelly's Running A Whole Lot of Soles


  1. Great idea for a post. I put my answer in just now!

  2. I like where you put your medals!! I'll answer with a post too... just to copy Kenny! LOL

  3. They're nice for a couple of days, then many years later...I guess I need a better shrine.
    I found one of my HS medals from the 70s in my Dad's spare change cold is that?

  4. Wow!!! Very impressive!
    I've got an envelope here ready to mail out to you tomorrow, so expect it sometime next week, depending on the mail.
    Take care

  5. I'm so proud of you!! Can you imagine thinking you would have all these medals back in high school? Is the Johnny Miles in your future??I sent an e-mail explaining the "cookie" mixup. Did you get it?

  6. In high school interests were anything but being active! I got the email on the cookie mix up and sent you the recipe, did you get that? I look at the website for the Johnny Miles race every now and then but have no plans for it!


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