Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sailing? Not Quite!

Today’s Run

...more like trying to row in rogue waves!
10 km
at 8:00 am
from Eau Claire
+19 Degrees to start, +14 Degrees at finish
what’s with that board at CBC, yesterday it said +29 Degrees at 10:00 am

It was a rough go this morning! Nothing was hurting, just my legs and feet felt heavy, almost like I was wearing cowboy boots. My calves felt wrapped up together just like the calf in the calf-roping down at the grounds. I wasn’t going anywhere fast! I didn’t have an ounce of energy to spend! Last evening’s dinner probably didn’t help much, it wasn’t pancakes but I sure felt pancaked today! Part of the problem could have been yesterday’s long bike ride, and still feeling it in my butt. Good thing I had on my biker shorts, just imagine if I didn’t...I’d feel like those saddle bronc boys after their ride!

Well, that’s today’s roundup! What do you expect when it’s Stampede Sunday Showdown! Boy, I’m glad Stampede is coming to a wind-down for another year so my "riddin n runnin" can get back to normal!


  1. Eh kudos for going at all =)

    My dad is watching the stampede tonight,watched

  2. oups submitted to soon lol

    I meant I tried to watch it but I had no real interest!

    I can't believe the money prize for the winners! That'S a lot of money!!


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