Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thankful for Today!

I can’t remember when I last got to sleep in! I did this morning! I even napped after breakfast! It was heaven to have the opportunity to luxuriate!

It was a perfect day to visit with a friend while doing a river walk and hanging out by the cool water watching the puppies and people play. This is the foot wear that got me out the door and going today. It was a good chance for my toes to breath and for my big toes to continue to heal.
I noticed lots of lots today! Lots of dogs, lots of sunshine, lots of bikers, lots of river floaters, lots of blue sky, lots of friendly folks (the nice weather makes us that way) and lots of pink shirts being worn by all the participants walking 35km today in the Weekend to End Breast Cancer!
There just seem to be lots of good about today and I am thankful for that!

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