Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Day In The Life Of...

...the luckiest girl on earth! That’s who I think I am when I get to experience a day like today!

Fantastic Friend...Magnificent Mountains...Sensational Sunshine...all the right ingredients to paint a day to remember!

Myself, along with Ms M planned a perfect package of pleasure. The destination turned out being somewhere other than expected but things happen for a reason and we realized that today and welcomed it with all our senses to thoroughly enjoy all there was.

There’s never a dull moment when we share one of our days! Today’s eight hours holds testament to that. The simplest things bring smiles and laughs and we can experience all that just two hours west of our city in beautiful Kananaskis. We set up for the day at a scenic quiet place on the edge of a lake with mountains as the backdrop. With an abundance of food to create our picnic, we savored every morsel and filled up for the energy needed to participate in the long awaited crib tournament!

With a gentle breeze, under steaming sunshine, the cards were dealt and the game was on. The mind games began, the competitiveness within brought out the fierceness in each of us. The sporadic launch of a boat or a canoe or a kayak, the chirps of ground hogs and the buzzes of bees could not deter us from deep concentration. Both wanting to become the champion, we played hard. When it all came down to it, Ms M was on top of her game today! She shone brighter and walked away the winner! I need redemption and hold you to a rematch one day!

Our day was filled with walks and talks, flower scents, the touch of cool water, others playful laughs, heart shaking low flying aircraft, friendly taste of beef, and a feast for our eyes! Something pleasing to all the senses!

All this is why I consider myself to be the luckiest girl on earth today! I treasure days like these!


  1. what a breathtaking setting for a picnic. A cribbage game in the sun with the promise of a rematch. A perfect day for friends.

    Ms. M

  2. It looks gorgeous out there! Glad you had a terrific day!


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