Saturday, September 16, 2017

Nova Scotia September 16, 2017

After all the sand I had between my toes over the past two weeks, it still wasn't enough so out for one more last beach walk it was.  We began with a neighbourhood stroll before heading to the beach.  From my first walk by here a number of days ago until today, the leaves had changed color.  I actually like how the tree now matches the cottage.   Just down the hill from here is our gateway to paradise.  
 I guess at low tide is when you can play beach volleyball here.
I had no intentions of treasure hunting today but it comes with the territory.  I admired more than usual prolonging the ending.  After yesterday's winds there were more rocks big and small along the beach.  I wonder how this rock ended up with this pattern!
 We were spying for beach glass and noticed this rock with tiny embedded rocks in it.  Only a corner was visible so we cleaned it off the best we could with water as the little waves came in.  A heart was revealed.
 There were loads of tiny tide pools and each one had a colorful collection of rocks.
These rocks are covered in water.
 another collection of rocks covered in water in a tiny tide pool
 The amount of beach glass washed up this time was amazing.   We were even fortunate to discover some pieces of unusual color.  That round piece is a marble that must have been in the ocean for years. Even the rocks looked peculiar.  This was our collection for today.  We call that big green piece  "the puddin piece".
It's so easy to get lost in time on these beach walks.  I feel I could walk this way every day of my life.  It feels so good and it feels so right.  With all my stones, drift wood and beach glass together now in one place, I foresee a busy and productive winter ahead.  Stay tuned!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Nova Scotia September 14, 2017

I remember growing up on the east coast and going for car drives along the Sunrise Trail.   At that time I didn't even know the word "appreciation" existed.  I wasn't into capturing seconds in time or admiring beauty.  Today car tripping The Sunrise Trail to Tatamagouche was a whole new experience for me and I made sure to "Remember to Breathe".  I may have been to Caribou Island as a child and if so I don't remember a thing about it.  Our drive around the Island was our first destination of our day.  We drove to a dead end road.
a bald eagle on the beach
Before leaving Caribou Island we stopped at Waterside Beach Park. 
We passed by picnic sites on our way to the boardwalk.
boardwalk to the beach
The tide was out and there was nothing but pure sand as far as I could see.  
No need for footwear.
The beach was a sight.  This view makes me think of desert.  
I was surprised to see the color of sand here.  It reminded me of PEI.  
I walked out as far as I could.  I called this "meeting of the waters".  
The waves were coming in at different angles and crossing over each other.  
Our next destination was in Seafoam at the Lavender Farm.  
We supported local in the gift shop.

The grounds were perfectly manicured.  
We arrived in Tatamagouche in time for lunch.  
We went to the train station to dine.  

The Alexandra is a train car built in 1905 and it is used as the lounge car.  
The Alexandra
photo credit Train Station
We left the car at the Train Station and did a walk about to see the sights of down town Tatamagouche.  What a pretty place and a shame it is not hopping.  Then again, maybe summertime is when it hops.  We bought locally made chocolate and devoured it before even leaving the store.
it's colorful & cheerful
They even make their own beer and the brewery is right on their main street.

The Trans Canada Trail follows the river through Tatamagouche.  
We used this route to return to the Train Station.
views along the Trans Canada Trail

The Trans Canada Trail
Creamery along the Trail
It was late afternoon when we decided to head back home.  I sorted through the beach treasures we found.  The top two pieces form Nova Scotia but I realized later I have the longer piece placed backwards.  I think I see an Easter Bunny on the right with an egg beside it.
It was a hot day, it was as calm as could be and I still had energy left to keep walking.  After dinner and a glass of wine, I gathered my gear for a beach walk while the sun set.  The tide wasn't all the way out so I could only go so far.  But it was enough to end our day on a final fulfilling note.

I more than know what the word "appreciation" stands for at this age in my life.  It was a day full of admiring beauty and I captured many many many wonderful seconds in time.  Thank you for such an amazing day!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Nova Scotia September 13 , 2017

I know it is September and I know I am in Nova Scotia living at a cottage on a beach.  I know when the sun sets and when it rises.  I know when high tide is and I know when it will be low.  Truly, what else matters?  Today is what we call a beach day!  There is no vehicle involved, in fact we don't even need to see it.  Everything we need is just out the door and around the corner.   That's where we go to play in the sand.
We aimed for the beach next door, first stopping off at The Point.  It was obvious at this point that the beach looked different.  High winds with big waves can alter the appearance.
We worked our way down off The Point and began our walk on the beach.  The tide was coming in with little waves bringing in treasures. We wondered were these winds Irma's leftovers.

Like I mentioned in a Facebook post, I see things!
seeing and collecting beach glass
I see a tree.

Today the sand on this section of the beach was packed solid.  
Yet, in this section it made me think of desert sand.
It appears the most recent high tide washed away the sides of the beach.
We walked the beach for hours and once again came away with treasures.  My intentions were to collect only beach glass but when I started seeing things in the rocks I could not pass them by.  I came away the past few days with many more creative ideas for winter projects.
With glorious evenings and sunsets, the beach calls, and I answer!

Tonight we sat on the deck facing the ocean and watched the night sky.  
The fire pot burned as we watched more and more stars appear.  
I am truly thankful for days like this and I make sure not to take them granted.