Saturday, July 5, 2008

First Sunday of Stampede

After picking up my race pack for tomorrow’s race, I returned home and rummaged through the big heavy swag bag. In that bag was where I found my reminder of how important it is to enjoy every minute of a race and that this year’s race that will be more relevant!

On the very last page of the Race Guide Booklet, I found this...

I felt sad! This will no longer be my Stampede Run. Officially, the only thing the race now has to do with Stampede is that it’s run on the first Sunday of "The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth"! The title, the sponsors, the race names are no longer Stampede related. To me, it is still the Stampede Run! I checked the 63 pages of the race guide and you would never guess a Stampede is happening other than for two small ads and a couple of coloring contest picture winners.

When I look back, many Stampede Run moments stand out.

  • Running the 10km one year with John Manley (Deputy Prime Minister of Canada at the time) and his bodyguards. He beat me!
  • Hitting the wall at the 32km marker of the marathon then digging deep to conquer it and carrying on to finish upright with a smile on my face and healthy.
  • 4 of us in a small vehicle, stripped down to our skivvies, changing cloths after running 10km in pouring rain. Good thing the windows fogged up to hide us from passer-byers.
  • Having all my friends cheering me on near the finish line of my very first marathon, not seeing them but recognizing their voices.
  • Having my picture taken with Mark Sutherland (chuckwagon driver) with my marathon finisher medal around my neck, surround by hay bails, chuckwagons and friends.

This event has been veering away from the Stampede theme and next year will make the final break. So tomorrow, I will enjoy every minute of my last Stampede Run and then look forward in anticipation of what May 31, 2009 will bring!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

    I hate when they change dates or routes to events that have been running for a few years...

  2. I heard a rumour that they were going to change the date. Maybe they changed it because of the heat in July? That's too bad though, I like the tie in with Stampede.


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