Wednesday, September 25, 2019

High School Friends We Are! Wednesday September 25, 2019

No time for the weary, we packed up and we were mountain bound again today.  Once there we could then be lazy if we were weary.  We have been taking a bag of chopped wood along with us the past few days, it was now time to enjoy it.  Forget-Me-Not Pond has perfect picnic spots with fire pits right by the pond with mountain views as the backdrop.  

We took Route 66 to get there which was lined with golden hues that shone brightly when hit by rays of sunshine.  The Visitor Centre sign said it was closed until  September 30th.  I did not think to check the notifications sight for that area.  We wanted to enjoy a drive so aimed for that direction anyway just to see some sights.  We did have one cow to contend with.  It walked the centre line down the road, it would not stray either way. We safely maneuvered around it.

We checked out  Bill Allen in case we needed to picnic there.  It would do, but it is not what it use to be years ago.  We stopped in at Elbow Falls and walked the path to the Falls.  I remember years ago when this use to be a lovely place to picnic.  The location is still pretty but it is not for picnicking.

We motored on down Route 66 and took the turn for Forget-Me-Not Pond and it was open and busy.  My table was available so we snatched it up.  We set up, got the fire going, sat down and settled in.  The fire burned and time passed as we continued to have so much to talk about.  Then came lunch time followed by tea time followed by stroll time.  

After making a few memories at Forget-Me-Not we hit the road home, this time the dirt Powderface Trail to make a great big loop.  The scenery was pretty more often than not, with autumn shades that are Alberta's style.  We did encounter the logging trucks and one specifically that was right behind us,  We could only see its lights through the cloud of dust.  My friend said it made her think of the show "Trucks" by Stephen King.  

We stopped in to see Sibbald Lake then carried on now reaching the paved country road that leads to the highway and then home.  Of course, once back through my front door we paired wine with laughter and continued on with our friendship just like it was in high school! 

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