Thursday, September 19, 2019

High School Friends We Are! Thursday September 19, 2019

You cannot come to Calgary and not go spend time in Kananaskis!  I often say "Life begins at Highway 40!" and I wanted to prove to my friend that there is merit in my words.  My hope for us was to be granted a lovely forecast for our time in K-Country.  

Our day was spectacular in every way and the photos below are the proof in the pudding.  The sun shone bright, the temperature rose quite high for mid September and The Rockies version of autumn shades were brightly on display.

Along Highway 40 we first stopped at the entrance to Kananaskis Country where the true mountain scenery begins and then at the sign that welcomed us.  Barrier Lake was deserving of some investment. We walked the new stair case down to the shore, strolled a bit and captured some memories.

The morning light was splendid.  The air was still and that afforded us the opportunity to witness perfect reflections in the Mount Lorette Ponds.  Is was so peaceful here.  We were fortunate to hit it early before the crowds.

Further down 40 is Wedge Pond and we made a quick stop here to admire it before driving on to our main destination of Upper Kananaskis Lake. It could not have been more perfect here.  We set up our site, got the chilli cooking, savoured that and the scenery at the same time.  Time for tea was next, paired with a wide open vista of Upper K Lake.  Before heading back along 40, we drove to the Interlakenhoheweg Parking Lot and did a short stroll from there.

To top of our trip to this place where life begins, we went back to Wedge Pond to the spot that I say is mine, and we got a rip-roaring fire brewing.  Today that was all about the experience and the ambiance.  It certainly was not needed to keep warm.

Homeward bound we were to sip wine on the deck, to laugh, to reminisce, to carry on our friendship just like it was in high school!

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