Monday, September 23, 2019

High School Friends We Are! Monday September 23, 2019

We had a plan for today which did not go as planned and I needed to put my expertise, of saving the day, to work.  This morning we had a short drive to Lake Louise which was planned so we could get there early to get a parking spot.  We arrived at 8:40am only to be turned away, the lot was full.  A drizzly Monday in mid September and Lake Louise was full before 9:00am, oh boy!  

As we carried on with heading west, I made a snap decision to show my friend Emerald Lake before heading up the Icefield Parkway.   Bingo!  It was beautiful and quiet.  We even timed it right for the opening of the store.  I shopped too!

We paid a visit to the sweet little village of Field.  Every single bed & breakfast and guest house had a no vacancy sign posted.  We motored up and down all the streets admiring the cute homes.  

Icefield Parkway here we come!  By now it was full on drizzle, cloud and wind.  Yet, the autumn shades popped big time.  We stopped lots to see the sights but kept long strolls to the minimal.   The glaciers were galore, it's called the Icefield  Parkway for a reason.  At big Bow Lake we bundled up and braced for the weather then took a little walk along the shore.  This was the perfect kind of day to stop in at the Num-Ti-Jan Lodge for a hot beverage and shop.  We then opted to have our picnic lunch in the car sheltered from the elements.  There were many opportunities to admire the colours along the Parkway and we took advantage of that.

It was check in time, wine time, dinner time, laugh time, time to just be the friends we have always been!

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