Saturday, September 21, 2019

High School Friends We Are! Saturday September 21, 2019

We had a very defined mission to accomplish today!  You see, my high school friend discovered her passion more than 30 years ago and it is still her passion today.  Stitching is a way of life for her.  She orders her products on line, and pays the shipping to Nova Scotia, from a store in Bearspaw, Alberta called Traditional Stitching.  It's just down the road from Bunny Hallow Drive.  By chance, she found out  they were having a big sale today and my friend was keen to invest.  Not only did she invest, I did too!  I picked up two kits, one being a sand dollar pattern.  An hour after entering the store, we exited with the mission being accomplished.

We were given a recommendation on where to dine in Cochrane after the shopping spree.  Guy's was great!  We savoured our soup and sandwich before heading to invest in another store, The Power Commission, that's what we use to call The Liquor Store!  This store had a Limited Edition bottle of Two Oceans from South Africa.  We snagged that bottle, with the pretty blue waves on it.

As we began to motor home, we once again noticed the beautiful autumn shades that are Alberta's style. We took a detour to drive down a winding country road where we could be amongst those hues.     We enjoyed the prime time views. 

Homeward bound!  Deck time!  Devine wine!  Silly chatter!  Serious thoughts! Sharing stories!  Just past time being the friends we are and have  been since high school!

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