Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Sea to Summit a work in progress

With some much needed down time the last little while, I invested time in working on my "Sea to Summit Wall" project.  I purchased the balance of the man made items that were needed to go with the mother nature made items I am in possession of which I collected over a number of years while being "out & about".  

treasures from the sea

A few months back I picked out beach glass pieces to build a lady standing in summit victory on a mountain top.  This project is now complete with the pieces being glued to a section of canvas and placed in a shadow box frame.   This project is a part of my "Sea to Summit Wall" along with...
 "Are We There Yet"
 "Top of the World"
 I have two other works that already hang on that wall which represent the sea, I will share those at another date.  In the meantime, here are some of the pieces for my next project where there is a place on the wall waiting for them to be hung.


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  1. Love them! Your very inspiring ... just makes a person want to do it too!


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