Friday, December 30, 2016


What have you got to show for 2016?  Going into a new year, I think about what I might like it to look like.  I think of what adventures I would like to go on, I think of how I want to grow.  I work on ideas on how I can make contributions.  I want there to be a big bunch of wonderful memories so I work at producing those. When the end of the year arrives, I want to look back and be proud of what I have to show for the year.    

2016 Got off to a rough start!  It took time for things to settle at least to a point where I felt I could go forward with some kind of new normal.  I was reminded that life is fragile and so unpredictable.  For those reasons, more than ever, I needed to be sure to live life to the fullest.  That meant pushing myself out the door when I really didn't want to face the day.   It meant taking chances, it meant thinking what the heck if I get wet, it meant don't be afraid to go it alone.  It meant many things!  

If you have been a loyal follower for some time, then you would be expecting this graphic.  These are my grand totals for 2016 of kilometers covered and elevation gained for all methods of how I got there.  My X-C Ski totals need some work.  Urban Hike elevation gain is not worth mentioning.

My 2016 Peakery Badge Collection
These are the badges I collected for 2016.  
Some are for "summit again" while others are for my "first summit".  

I keep track of my yearly totals and I like to compare them.  As you can see 2016 is the 2nd lowest out of the seven years.  I realized as autumn approached that it would not be a monumental year like last year.  I did think I could rush and get some big hikes in and save my year in some way but then decided I was quite content with what I had accomplished so far and that I would just go with the flow for the balance of the year.

"OUT & ABOUT in 2017" is ready!   For the first time in seven years of keeping a chart like this, I used fun with friends photos.  Usually the photos are just scenery but its time to acknowledge its my friends that make the day!  These are adventures from 2016.  One friend stated not that long ago that my group photos are always the best group photos.  They sure are my kind of fun! 

I am excited for 2017!  I hope you are too!  I have adventures booked and paid for and others in the workings.  I have the time booked off for some and picking the times for the others.  I will get to meet up with an old friend and get to make new friends.   In between these, I will venture west on a regular basis to my mountain playground where I enjoy taking time to "remember to breathe"!  I want to have great answers to the question "What have you got to show for 2017?"  I wonder too what your answer will be!


  1. So glad I got to star in your 'Out & About'. Have a wonderful year on the trails.

  2. Here's to many grand adventures in 2017. Happy New Year!


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