Thursday, December 22, 2016

Mountain Lifestyle Day 5 December 22

I still have more X-C Skiing in me and there are still a few local tracks I need to fill with my skis.  I woke to witness heavy snow falling.  I have been sleeping with the curtains wide open and watching the snow fall as I fall asleep and seeing it still fall as I wake.  My intentions of starting to ski with a long gradual uphill changed quickly when I got outside and saw how much snow actually came down.   Instead I went for a gradual downhill to start, down the Tramline again.
The track had been groomed and set yesterday.  It's a small world!  I met up with the same group of snowshoers that were snowshoeing along Emerald Lake yesterday while I was skiing.  They were a large group, filled two small touring vans.  The vans were Budget Rentals.  One person seemed to be a guide.  They stayed off the ski track as you can see in my photo.
I reached the junction then went for more uphill, up Moraine Lake Road.  I passed by the Fairview turn off and skied for a few more kilometres up the Road.  It was so peaceful and quiet, it flurried the whole time, I got lost in my thoughts and just skied and skied.  On the way back I once again let my imagination take over and I was seeing things in the snow formations.


Oh how I love winter, the cold and snow warm my heart.  I savoured my tuna sandwich, cashew nuts, orange slices, and tea in my car before taking a stroll over to Lake Louise for more wintery scenes.  They are in the process of building the ice castle on the lake.  I captured this shot from their webcam last night.
A few other sculptures are completed including the ice bar.  I bellied up to it but it was closed.  I did get a view down into it.  I like how they have the ice benches around the sides.  The lights inside the ice sculptures is fascinating.

I polished the ball between the bears.  I could see The Chateau in it.  I am sure if it was polished up quite a bit more, the image inside would be much clearer.  

It was enjoyable just to hang out in this beautiful winter wonderland.  While I do love mountain views, I find snow falling obscuring the views offering up just a tease, is just as appealing.  

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