Monday, December 19, 2016

Mountain Lifestyle Day 2 December 19

In my younger not so sensible years I refused to wear a hat or boots, in fact for a year or two stretch in there I did not even own boots.  My how attitudes change and boy have they ever since long past growing out of my 20's.  Now I enjoy choosing which hat to wear from the many I own and also deciding which boots will best suit the days forecast and activity. When I looked outside this morning and saw the snow falling and reading it would be nippy, I felt glee I would need to be donning my warmest attire which included a hat and boots.

I hit the 1A west aiming for Johnston Canyon.  It recently reopened after extensive repairs and clean ups and I was curious to see what that was all about and besides I do love that place when it looks wintery.

After thoroughly enjoying everything about Johnston Canyon this morning it was time to head for some afternoon delight.  I stayed on the 1A all the way to Lake Louise.  It was slow going given the road conditions but I was also keeping my eyes peeled for wildlife.

The nearer I got to Lake Louise the clearer it became, but along with that, the colder it became too.  I don't mind that, I have the hat and boots to keep me warm.  For a cold wintery week day this place was happening.  I worked my way to the skating rink, hiked to the side of it then wandered along the entire stretch of Lake Louise pretty much keeping to the center.  The whole while I admired the beauty and captured seconds in time.  I was feeling fortunate to be right here right now.



Being in the middle of this beautiful mountain playground it is so easy to "remember to breathe" and that takes me to a whole new mindset place.  It feels so good and it feels so right, I'm letting it take me there.


  1. Lots of snow! That's funny you never used to wear hats and boots! I never used to wear hats in summer and now have the wrinkles to prove it, ha ha.

  2. I've seen Lake Louise in the summer, but it's even more breathtaking in the winter!

  3. I've seen it in both summer and winter. Pure magic both seasons. Enjoy!


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